Adam Castro- April 2015 to Dec 2015

Jason Fowler- Before 187 Now 161

Greg Pinkston

RJ Aguilar- Before 285 Now 235

Karen Ivey- Started at 216 pounds and in a men's 2XL T-shirt. Currently in a women's Large, dropped two jean sizes, and weighing 184


"As a large guy who has always struggled with losing weight, Wittig Works is the first one I have not only had REAL success, but his methods have staying power. This is not a fad diet, but a life changing alternation. His plan is simple, yet awesome. I thought it would be really difficult, but has been much easier then I anticipated. This is easily one of the greatest investments in myself I have ever made. As of this testimonial, 6 weeks in, I have lost 41 pounds and am well on my way to not only achieving and surpassing my weight and fitness goals, but also maintaining this much healthier lifestyle and now have the opportunity to be the role-model I have always wanted to be for my children!! I highly recommend Wittig Works if you have ever wanted to loss weight and keep it off or just make yourself healthier with more energy, you NEED to talk with Michael Wittig. He is well on the track of changing my life, and he can change yours too!"

                                                         -Chris Whitney




"Michael is a realistic trainer with customized workouts. He listened to my goals and provided the plan I needed to achieve my goals. His consistent follow-up is motivating and shows just how he cards that you are doing everything to succeed."  -Sonny Cutler




"In my first week with Michael, I lost 12 lbs and in the time since, I've gained a ton of fortitude and stamina. When we first started, the ab workout killed me and now I an do 3 times as many reps. Don't wait!!! Forge a new YOU!!!"  -Aaron Wocher




"With just a few week of starting my custom Wittig Works nutrition/fitness plan, I can honestly say I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a very long time. Michael has taken a genuine interest in each of my nutrition/fitness goals and has made a custom plan for me that is attainable, yet very effective."

 -Larry Deffendoll




"I'm pushed every workout with a workout that is specifically designed to what I am working towards. He gives me advice on nutrition and cardio and I can text him anytime of the day and he's always there with an answer. He's truly amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants results!" -Jordan Clampitt



"I have never seen results so quickly as I have with Michael as my trainer. Having Michael as my personal trainer has pushed me beyond what I thought I could do."   -Pastor Greg Pinkston, Tulsa, OK



"Michael has done is 2 months what I didn't get done after 3 years in the gym! I am loving it and very much appreciate what Michael does. "-Marlene Kincaide




"I have been working out for about 14 yrs not knowing much of what I was doing.    Since this last summer I have made some big changes  with the help of Michael. Specifically creating a great collaboration of diet and workout of  lifting weights and cardio based on what I wanted in my fitness goal, week by week.


Within about  15 weeks, I have dropped over 23 lbs, down to less than 10% body fat, straight to my goal.  Now I am maintaining my goal with the coaching Michael has instilled in me.   -Mushtaq Ahmed

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